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New Marriage and Lifestyle Website Tells How to ‘Love, Work, Repeat’

From left to right: Jene Guess-Cash, Tracie Momie and Kathrine Hill


Please tell us your name, the name of your company, your title and what your work entails.

Jené Guess-Cash, Co-Creator, Kathrine Hill, Co-Creator, & Tracie Momie, Co-Creator. The name of our new website is Love. Work. Repeat.

Love. Work. Repeat. is a marriage and lifestyle website and blog dedicated to celebrating commitment, family, fashion and more. Each month we offer a fresh serving of encouraging, entertaining, and thought-provoking information on marriage, family and lifestyle.

What prompted you to start your new website?

Jené Cash: I noticed that there weren’t many sites that actually talked about the good things that come with a healthy and happy marriage and family. I especially felt our community was void of many resources to encourage our marriages. I asked Kathrine and Tracie — who are also happily married — how they felt about the idea of a new website celebrating marriage and family, and they were on board.

What advice can you give others on balancing personal life and a career?

Jené Cash:   To find balance in your personal life and career, you must take time to take care of yourself.  In order to be a source of encouragement and peace you must first put in the work within. You must pray daily, ask for help when needed, and continue to do the things you love. The key to finding balance is organization and planning.

Give us your three keys to success.

Tracie Momie:

  • You must have a vision or a goal.  Live a purposeful life and do something each day that puts you closer to your goal.
  • You can’t be selfish.  No one gets anywhere in life without the help of others.  You must be willing to lend a hand and take a hand every now and then.
  • You have to give your best if you expect the best.  Be willing to give 100% to make your dreams come true.

In your career how do you continue to stay inspired?

Kathrine Hill: Being able to achieve goals I have set for myself continues to inspire me in my career. Setting small, achievable goals makes you feel like you can actually be successful, and provide you with motivation to continue towards your ultimate career goal.

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