Lawrence Taylor’s Teen Prostitute Shares Her Disgusting Story

Lawrence Taylor's Teen Prostitute Shares Her Disgusting Story

Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor was an animal on the football field. Apparently he’s one off the field as well.

Taylor’s teenage prostitute shared the grisly story of their illicit sexual encounter during her civil lawsuit against arguably the greatest linebacker in NFL history. And, based on her horrific testimony, she might clean out what’s left in Taylor’s bank account.

According to the New York Post, Taylor was lying naked in a Rockland County Holiday Inn with abused child Cristina Fierro, who’d been beaten and bloodied by her pimp, when the menacing 6-foot-4, 250-pound Taylor ordered the girl, who at 16 weighed 110 pounds, to “take out her hair.’’

“He told me I had nice, curly hair. Like his wife,’’ Fierro, who started to sob, testified yesterday against Taylor, 53.

“He told me I was pretty,’’ Fierro testified. “He told me where he resides at. He told me he has kids.

“Whenever there was silence, he told me to take my dress off,’’ Fierro said, again dissolving into tears. “He was persistent.”

Taylor, who’s been saddled with drug problems and financial woes since retirement, pled guilty to two misdemeanors, sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute for taking advantage of the underage girl in a sleazy hotel room in 2010. He was sentenced to six years’ probation, which was an enormous gift from the courts. He also had to register as a sex offender.

Taylor, also known as LT, insists that the sex with the minor was consensual.

Yet LT marched into the courtroom, all 6 feet, 3 1/2 inches of bad attitude, and immediately glared at Fierro, who is suing him for an unspecified sum. Now 19 and married, she avoided Taylor’s scowl.

Fierro goes on to say:

“He was lying on top of me. I said I can’t breathe. I was pushing him away from me.’’ Taylor attempted to give the child oral sex, but she said “No!’’ and he stopped.

She said she asked Taylor to put on a condom. But the doofus couldn’t quite do it. “It’s my first time,’’ Cristina whimpered. “He didn’t care .
It was really painful.’’

According to the Post, Taylor concluded the tryst with typical brute mentality. “He had money in his pocket,’’ said Fierro. “He said, ‘Here. Turn the TV off when you leave.’ ”

Wow, what a class act.

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