Real and Fake Photos of Blue Ivy Carter

Real and Fake Photos of Blue Ivy Carter
Is this baby Blue?

Real and Fake Photos of Baby Blue 

Today, Nov. 1, a new photo has surfaced seemingly showing Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s daughter curled up and catching some Z’s after a marathon play session with her superstar parents. And while the Carters have yet to confirm that it is indeed their baby girl, the picture looks much more believable than another Blue Ivy “close-up” that surfaced this week.

Early Tuesday a photo began circulating online of Beyoncé holding up a baby at dinner during a recent date with Jay-Z. Upon careful inspection dedicated Beyoncé fans concluded that the child was indeed not baby Blue and probably the child of an eager fan.

The latest wave of Blue Ivy photos are adding to the dozens of snaps of the toddler both real and fake that have been spread through the media.

Below we’ve compiled a list of  the real, the fake and the just plain ridiculous photos of Beyoncé’s beautiful baby girl. –danielle canada

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