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Writing Sessions America Educates About the New Music Industry


Writing Sessions America decided to make their songwriters celebration a big larger this year.

During the last weekend of October, young and ambitious songwriters from all areas of the U.S. traveled to Atlanta, GA for the WSAATL weekend.  The events, which consisted of a VIP reception to honor  Grammy Award-winning producer, Blac Elvis; a free industry networking event hosted by Soul Asylum Studios Atlanta, and the Money Power Respect Music Seminar held at Emory University.

Special presentations were made on behalf of Kevin Shine, A&R for Creflo Dollar’s Arrow Records and his team of songwriters and producers; For The People By The People non-profit and the University of Memphis Community Music School.  Mars on Sunday’s Chris Scholar gave a great high energy performance at the VIP reception and Seminar.

As we finish out 2012, and gear up for another year, the music industry and the people in it are changing.  The environment  has changed, and lately everyone wants to be an artist, but few know the true grunt work it takes to make a hit.  Kevin Shine and his Writing Sessions America team is determined to change the game for the better.

Renee Gardner

Take a look at pictures from the event.

Photo Credit: Big-O


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