Theophilus London Discusses New Music, Style and Origins of His Unique Name

Theophilus London Discusses New Music, Style and Origins of His Unique Name

Theophilus London’s music has no limitations. He infuses elements from hip-hop, rock, reggae and R & B to produce one of the most eclectic sounds of his generation. Since his debut mixtape Jam!, London has built a worldwide fan base while catching the eye of corporate sponsors who are looking for him to represent their brand.
The Brooklyn native recently spoke with rolling out magazine before a recent Nokia Music concert in Atlanta. He discussed his new album, touring and linking with major corporations who are attached to his music and style.

You have a very unique name. Do you mind sharing the origins of your name?
I rarely reveal this. But I have my great grandfather’s name. I’m Trinidadian and I grew up in Brooklyn.

Since your debut mixtape in 2008, you have continued to prosper as an artist. How does it feel to see the growth over the years?
My team works so hard to get to where we are. We are excited by our results. I’m happy that my story will finally be out. we have been doing this for a long time. I released Tmez Are Weird These Days and I’m currently working on my second album.

You and Big Boi have down several shows and songs together. How did that connection come about?
Big Boi wanted me to tour with him in Australia. He has a big fan base in Australia. We did shows over there in 2011. I love him and thank him for that. We did another tour in London afterwards. I plan on putting him on my album. I just appreciate being able to work with OutKast, the most legendary rap group of all-time.

Corporations have attached themselves to your brand. Why are corporations attracted to what you represent?
In think it’s the power of knowing what’s next. We have the youth and the fashionable crowd. The tastemakers are also on our side. With music, I’m excited that companies like Nokia Music and film directors want to put my songs in movies and TV shows. I think it’s a model that every artist should follow.

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