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‘Romney Wins’ Spirit Airlines Ad Sparks Controversy

Spirit Airlines Blasted for Election Day Special Ad 

Spirit Airlines is coming under fire today for an e-mail they sent that reads “Romney Wins” in honor of Election Day airfare specials. The advertisement reads. “And so do [sic] Obama and you with these incredibly low fares!”  The ad then asks customers to “Celebrate your candidate’s win with a vacation or quick getaway,” and offers $29.80 one way tickets across the country.

The e-mail has since sparked outrage from people online crying foul. “I think this was uncalled for,” commented a reader. “I just unsubscribed from their e-mail list and sent their head of communications an e-mail letting them know they’d lost a customer with this stupid bid for buzz,” added another. The ploy to get Spirit subscribers to read the e-mail may have been a clever marketing tool, however. Today, the airline carrier announced that it will be charging up to $100 for carry-on bags.

Are you offended by Spirit’s “Romney Wins” ad? –danielle canada

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  1. who cares on November 13, 2012 at 12:35 pm

    Who gives a f**k about spirit garbage airlines. I flew them once, because someone else booked my ticket to Altantic City and it was like taking public transportation in the sky – COMPLETE TRASH AND THEY NEED TO GO OUT OF BUSINESS – HERE’S AN AD! “SPIRIT AIRLINES SHUT DOWN – $29.80 GIFT CERTIFICATES TO THOSE WHO CHOSE A BETTER AIRLINE!”