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Twitter Insults of Obamas: Ann Romney ‘Prettier,’ Obamas are ‘Lazy’

The Election Day excitement — and fears of an Obama repeat — forced to the surface the foul feelings about President Obama that have been bubbling beneath the exterior for quite some time. And what Mitt Romney supporters had to say on Twitter about the commander-in chief and the first lady was not pretty. In fact, some of it could be construed as racial swipes at the current White House occupants.
Some of the complaints about the Obamas were just extremely petty, infantile and subtly racist and makes it more clear than ever that many Americans disliked and denounced the president for reasons other than his political philosophy or foreign policy stances.
Take a look at some of these wild and ugly statements below:

I wanted  to be with a responsible business man, not a mom jean wearing man-child with his first credit card.

6 Nov 12

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