10 Most Successful Marijuana Smokers in America

10 Most Successful Marijuana Smokers in America

Because of all of the hoopla and attention surrounding the reelection of President Obama and the spectacular Election Day flameout of GOP challenger Mitt Romney, the decriminalization of marijuana in some states escaped under most people’s radar.

It is interesting to see who are the ardent cannabis advocates, because some of these people are among the most successful businessmen and tycoons in the world. Another former weed smoker is now the commander-in chief, while an ex-commander-in chief swears that he never inhaled. Yah, right.

According to coedmagazine.com, some 42 percent of Americans have admitted to at least trying the funny cigarette at least once in their lives, but the nation remains collectively anti-weed because of the fear that we would descend into a nation of junkies.

Besides the obvious suspects Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, below is a list of weed smokers who have gone against the stereotypes and become, and remain, some of the most successful people in their respective fields. Take a look on the following pages:

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