Kandi Burruss fires back at Kim Zolciak for offensive ‘ghetto’ comments

Kandi Burruss fires back at Kim Zolciak for offensive 'ghetto' comments

During the Nov.4 fifth season premiere of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” former BFFs Kandi Burruss and Kim Zolciak hit yet another snag in their friendship when Zolciak made off-color comments about Burruss’ new home, which she called “ghetto.” Although, Burruss decided not to say anything to Zolciak at the time, she has now fired back at Zolciak for her offensive comments.

On her Bravotv.com blog, Burruss explains that she hadn’t seen Zolciak in a while when she came over to see her new home. And, although she disregarded Zolciak and Sweetie’s first few off-color comments, she eventually felt offended by them.

“I was thinking I shouldn’t trip, because clearly they have never been in this area before, but after a while it was like OK that’s enough of the ghetto neighborhood comments,” said Burruss.

“Kim said Sweetie told her she needed to lock her doors when she got off of my exit, because I lived in the hood. I was very irritated by that, because I was thinking, ‘Where the f— do you live, Sweetie?’ said Burruss, adding that the offensive comments extended to her jacuzzi. “One of them said, ‘Oh you meant a real jacuzzi! When you mentioned you had a jacuzzi room, I didn’t know you meant a real jacuzzi, I thought you were talking about a jacuzzi tub.’ ”

In the past, Burruss has defended Zolciak against accusations of racism, but she feels that Zolciak crossed the line and that Sweetie is a bad influence on the way Zolciak thinks about black people.

“In my opinion, the stuff that Sweetie says to Kim adds to the whole racist theory people have about Kim,” said Burruss. “If Kim has a black friend that feeds her bullsh– that certain areas of town are ‘hood’ or ‘ghetto,’ then that’s what she’s going to run with.”

Burruss also claims that it’s hypocritical that Zolciak criticized her home when she’s being evicted.

“After all the talk about my house, Kim talked to me about being evicted from her house and that she was just going to stay there and make them kick her out,” said Burruss. “Hmm… That sounded like some real ghetto Section 8 type sh– to me.”

Unfortunately, Zolciak isn’t the only celebrity to make racially offensive remarks. Check out some other offensive celebs below. – nicholas robinson

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