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Republicans were desperate following Romney’s landslide loss; Find out how much

Mitt Romney had to put the brakes on Republican aides on Tuesday, Nov. 6. While urging him not to concede and in a desperate attempt to claim a victory, the aides were preparing to dispatch four airplanes to monitor recounts in key swing states including Ohio, Virginia, Florida. What fervor! It’s obviously misplaced because the campaign finally had to admit defeat in Florida on Thursday, Nov. 8, giving President Barack Obama a total of 332 electoral college votes to Romney’s 206.

Romney exhibited dignity over desperation, with his tearful wife Ann at his side, telling them, ‘It’s not going to happen.’ This explains why it took so long for Romney concede on Tuesday despite the fact the Obama won by a landslide.

Hmm, now the “accidental” release of the Romney victory website seems more like a stunt. –yvette caslin