10 things women hate about men

10 things women hate about men
Lenny Kravitz.

At first glance, there were a few things about you that may have been appealing to your lover; perhaps you’re in touch with your feminine side, or, say, you’re back in school. However, there are limits to your cuteness factor, and without further ado, here are 10 things women absolutely hate about men.

10. She hates it when you raid her closet.

In your efforts to keep up with the latest metrosexual fashion trend, accidental cross-dressing can occur.  Certain fashion items should not be in your closet; the man-purse, a full-length fur coat, or thigh-high boots are big no-nos.  So, Lenny Kravitz, if your girlfriend can wear your accessories, perhaps you should not.

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