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Politics » The Petraeus Syndrome: Biggest political sex scandals

The Petraeus Syndrome: Biggest political sex scandals

There is quite a long list of political sex scandals that have rocked and reshaped America. Many of them have the same modus operandi.  For most, there’s a seduction between the young, aspirational woman companioning powerful, high-profile and wealthy white man and as of recent – race and wealth aside – a daring woman and viral man. Unfortunately for the women, it’s black and white. When the powerful man strays, the other woman is either labeled homewrecker, slut or role model, depending on the PR spin. In one case with a corporate America powerhouse, the mistress segued into a socialite.

No matter the demographics, the embarrassing sexual misconduct we’ve highlighted is the biggest tabloid story of all time for the offenders who plunged head first into the cesspool of disgrace.

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