Andrew Bynum’s mushroom perm and other wacky celebrity hairdos

We all applaud celebs for pushing the boundaries with their style and hair, but Philadelphia 76ers star Andrew Bynum seems to be having quite the hair crisis as of late.

The new Philly star has been experimenting with different hairdos for weeks now, but none of them prepared fans for the style he presented when he hit the bench at a recent game. The 76ers center was spotted on camera rocking Beatles-esque Afro perm (Or maybe it was flat ironed. We honestly don’t know.) that resembled something like the furriest brown mushroom that you’ve ever seen lying, for no apparent reason, on top of someone’s head.

Unfortunately for all of our eyes, Bynum isn’t the only star to go down the wrong hair path. Check out some other athletes and celebs with offensive hair choices below. – nicholas robinson


Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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