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Keyshia Cole on love, new music and respect for Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Pain and heartbreak were often key motivators early on in Keyshia Cole’s music career. The pain of disappointment and lost love was apparent on songs like “I  Should Have Cheated,” “I Remember” and “Shoulda Let You Go.”

Cole’s art imitated her troubled life and her fans appreciated her for expressing those stories through music.

Personally, the storm is over for Cole and a new day has inspired a new attitude. She’s put most of the issues she had with her mother and sister to rest. Motherhood and becoming the wife of NBA player Daniel Gibson furthered her maturation.

Much of the pain that caused personal difficulties has dissipated, but her knack for expressing heartfelt songs has not waned.

“This album is not anything new,” Cole admits while discussing her new album, Woman to Woman. “A lot of the songs are not reflecting on my life right now. It’s an album for my fans. They were there when I came from Oakland, [Calif.], and they could relate to me and what I was going though. I wanted to get back to that. This is my fifth album and I now understand what translates to the fans and what doesn’t. This is what they want.”

The songs “Enough of Love” and “Trust and Believe” from Woman to Woman prove that Cole has not distanced herself from the formula that made her music relatable to women around the world.

Cole has made love work from a personal standpoint, but her voice remains strong for those fighting to capture its elusive bliss.

In an exclusive interview with rolling out, Cole takes us on her journey to womanhood, reveals the day she knew Daniel was the one she would love forever, and discusses her respect for Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s relationship.

The songs may reflect a familiar struggle, but this is Keyshia Cole like you’ve never seen her before.

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  1. tay on November 24, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    Keyshia cole is a ghetto hot mess disguising herself as a non groupie. She has a horrible attitude with no class and a huge chip on her shoulder. Recently i realized she has a worse voice than rihanna. If she uses the apparent fact she is bi racial in a conversation one more time…imma go play in traffic. Someone give this bitch an award for being mixed. Smh of course there is no proof, so i guess it makes her feel more relevant and exotic. Lol #girlbye