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Reborn doll sparks Blue Ivy rumors

StorkBite Studios ReBorn Doll (ethnic).

Dolls, like the humans who create them, have come a long way, baby. The hard-baked, expressionless plastic doll of yesteryear has been replaced with lifelike, crying, talking and yes, sexing dolls with supple silicone skin.

Thanks to the wonders of science and silicone, humans are becoming plastic, and dolls are becoming human.

Take a look.

5. Reborn doll sparks Blue Ivy rumors

Shortly after being dogged with fake pregnancy rumors, Beyonce emerged with her baby Blue Ivy, and conspiracy theorists had a field day. Tirelessly studying footage and film of the new mom and her baby, the conspiracy theorists have produced “evidence” that Blue Ivy is, in fact, a very expensive Reborn doll. Take a look.

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