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Halle Berry launches new fragrance ‘Closer’

Actress,model, mom Halle Berry can do no wrong. With lots of successful films under her belt, she still takes time to develop and launch new businesses. Her perfumes are doing very well and her being a classic beauty makes it even easier to sell. She now has launched her third fragrance, Closer.

,I wanted to create a unique fragrance for women that would also appeal to men,”Scent is very closely linked with desire and attraction and I love the idea that a fragrance can bring a man and a woman together. Closer creates a new level of intimacy through the power of scent,says Berry.
This particular fragrance is designed to provoke and sustain attraction between both men and women. She wanted t to be very unique, irresistible, and have a great aura. It has a mix of floral, woody, raspberry, cedar tones with fougere accord, vanilla pod, cashmere and  musk. Sounds lovely and is in stores now. Closer would make a great holiday gift.
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