Frank Ocean dating model Willy Cartier? 4 facts about Cartier

Frank Ocean dating model Willy Cartier? 4 facts about Cartier

Frank Ocean is one of the music industry’s most mesmerizing enigmas. Ever since Ocean revealed this past summer that his first love was a man (though, he never defined himself as gay, bisexual or straight), the world has been watching the reclusive singer’s every word and move, waiting to figure out what makes him tick and, to be specific, which gender makes his heart skip a beat. Now, Ocean seems to have inadvertently stoked the flames of gossip about his sexuality as rumors have been swirling that he’s now dating French model Willy Cartier (real name Willy Leservot).

For weeks, Ocean has shared photos of himself with the androgynous model via his own and Cartier’s Instagram pages. One photo shows the two seemingly meditating together, while another shows Cartier lying playfully in a car trunk, and yet another shows the two presumably sitting together as they grab a bite to eat.

However, the tabloid fodder didn’t truly pick up steam until last week, when Ocean and Cartier were spotted together on the red carpet at a GQ party.

Frank Ocean dating model Willy Cartier? 4 facts about Cartier

Now, many presume that Cartier has enchanted Ocean with his otherworldly beauty and alterna-chic charm.

So, do we think that Ocean and Cartier are an item? It’s quite possible. They’re both good looking men with, at a shallow, presumptuous glance, with free minds about love. Although, if they are an in fact an item, Ocean would likely never say.

But on the other hand, they could just as easily be friends who are now wrapped up in the public’s unending need to see Ocean’s sexuality in well-lit action and define it as something concrete and easily digestible.

To put is simply, we don’t know; but, like everyone else, we’ll surely have fun wondering about the possibilities. And if you have any more wonders about Cartier, check out some fun facts about the model hottie below. –nicholas robinson

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