Thanksgiving turkeys and pigskin: Holiday cocktail guide

Here’s a drink that doesn’t have all of the fresh ingredients of the first two, but it does require some skill to make it all all the same.

The Nitrous Oxide 

Thanksgiving turkeys and pigskin: Holiday cocktail guide

3/4 ounces Crown Royal

3/4 ounces orange liqueur (cointreau, grand marnier …)

Pour both ingredients into a brandy snifter. Tilt glass and flame the liquor. When flamed, cover it completely so no oxygen escapes (very important). You will feel a suction to the hand, pop your hand off, take the shot, and immediately cover the glass again so no oxygen escapes. Make a slight hole in between your index and thumb, and inhale as much as you can, and hold it. That is the Nitrous Oxide!

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