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Halle Berry’s fiance brawls with Gabriel Aubry

Olivier Martinez, Halle Berry, and Gabriel Aubry

Olivier Martinez, Halle Berry‘s fiance and her baby’s father, Gabriel Aubry reportedly got into a brutal fight at the celebrity’s home earlier today. TMZ broke the story that Aubry dropped off Nahla at Halle’s home, when Martinez confronted him and told him to “move on.”

Gabriel attempted to punch Martinez, but allegedly Martinez blocked Gabriel’s fist, pummeled him and pinned him to the ground.

Halle Berry grabbed Nahla and fled to a safe place inside her home.

Gabriel Aubry, who is a male super model, suffered face wounds, a head injury and possibly a broken rib. Olivier Martinez is said to have broken his hand in the fight.

Olivier Martinez’s bruised hand after the fight.

Halle Berry lost her battle to move Nahla to Paris with her and Olivier Martinez, but after the fight she received an emergency order of protection that stipulates Aubry must stay away from her, Olivier and her daughter.

At this time, Aubry is being held at a Los Angeles jail.