Was ‘Dolemite’ actor Rudy Ray Moore gay?


In the ’70s, few other actors were more popular in the blaxploitation films than Rudy Ray Moore, who played the iconic role of Dolemite in the film of the same name. And while many know the actor as nothing more than the badass action hero pimp, a new documentary is revealing little known details about the actor’s life, including the mystery surrounding his sexuality.

Blogger Carlton Jordan recently sat down for an interview with Moore’s longtime manager, Donald Randall, for a revealing interview about the late actor’s life and Randall claimed that, despite his role as a famous womanizer, Moore was likely gay or bisexual.

“He was never married and had no kids. I heard rumors over the years that Rudy was gay but I never saw any evidence of it. I have heard stories and have found now that the accusations were correct,” Moore revealed. “I have footage of interviews with people outing him and if you listen to his comedy he does make reference to it. He also signed two drag queens to his label and had gay male actors in his movies. There were only three men around Rudy who weren’t gay. But I never knew this until his co-star and friend Jimmy Lynch told me. Then I believed it. Rudy did a very good job of covering it up.”

Rudy did have some girlfriends according to his friend Ben Taylor. But he also had male lovers. The documentary will cover that,” he added.

Well, Moore certainly isn’t the only veteran star to be associated with gay rumors or even be confirmed as gay or bisexual. Check out some other black stars in his shoes below. – nicholas robinson

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