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Multiracial celebrities we had no clue were mixed, part 2

More than ever before in its history, America in the new millennium is the true embodiment of that centuries-old phrase “Melting Pot.” As you will see from the extensive list below, the iconic entertainers who you would have sworn were pure blue-blood, Anglo-Saxon, Western Europeans — or that the legends (like Jimi Hendrix, above) had veins that coursed  completely African blood — were all surprisingly mixed with different ethnicities from around the world.

Vince Vaughn

No one has guessed correctly, for example, what comedic actor Vince Vaughn is mixed with from an ethnic standpoint. Well, it’s time to find out about the shocking backgrounds of dozens of other Hollywood stars, as we pinpointed in a previous article with the aid  Those who wish that America was truly the place where all races come together may be a little closer to their aspirations than they actually realized.

Take a look and  see.

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  1. fy on May 19, 2014 at 5:00 am

    EVH is half Indonesian, not Chinese-Malaysian. His mother was Indonesian, it’s well known.