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Woman’s butt implant flips inside out (video)

Watch: Woman’s butt implants flip inside out.

The video vixens and exotic dancers have really raised the bar for everyday beauties; the most desired shape these days include a small waist, a DD breast-size and a toned, onion-shaped behind. So, women diet and exercise, and buy breasts, liposuction procedures and the latest fad — butt implants to achieve the desired look.

With the butt plant procedure, the surgeon makes and incision in the crease where the butt ends and the thigh begins. The doctor inserts round, solid silicone pouches into each butt cheek. The procedure costs between $4,000-$8,000 but may cost more depending on your doctor and where the surgery is performed.

When done correctly, the butt implant can improve your rear view and elevate self-esteem.   When done incorrectly, health risks ensue and may even cause death.

When it comes to your rear end, you may be convinced to leave well enough alone after you see this shocking video.