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Kobe Bryant: The black millionaire blueprint for success

Kobe Bryant’s enviable life has always been punctuated by the sound of a bouncing basketball. The quintessential hoops junkie and son of former NBA star, he picked up the game almost in infancy, prophesied his own stardom in toddlerhood, and became a prep phenom who awed his contemporaries and adversaries alike.

Bryant has engineered one of the top 5 statistical careers in the history of the National Basketball Association and his on-court ruthlessness, relentlessness, fearlessness and aerial acrobats awed a generation and inspired a legion of followers and grudging admirers. And, in the process, Bryant has wholly redefined the word “rebound” as his once sterling reputation was tainted by serial philandering and scandal and he briefly plummeted to subterranean levels before rocketing back into the intergalactic realms with another pair of basketball championships. 

Let’s take a quick look back at the life of Kobe Bryant.

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