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Houstonian Yong Kwon shares her love for the art of business

Name: Yong Kwon


Title: Principal

What does your work entail?

We are an award-winning design group with proficiency in Web design, application development

and online marketing.

 What prompted you to start your company and why do you think it’s been successful?

Simply said, I love the art of business. I like the full cycle of seeing ideas incepted, then fully

employed somewhere.

One of the keys to success is waking up every day and not doubting what I am doing. I love what

I do and I know I’m on the right path building a virtual [online] platform for my clients. The

happy faces I see when we launch a product or an online solution that helps them is exciting!


What advice can you give others on balancing personal life and a career?

Have a schedule. Keep a calendar and stay organized. It’s easy to run away with a project and neglect family or personal time, or vice versa. Understanding all these aspects and knowing there is time for both are important, so make plans and actually keep them.

Give us your three keys to success.

Be thankful. We all want to feel appreciated, besides, it feels better this way.

Become a master of your craft. It’s fun to explore and try new things but I learned that reaching the pinnacle at a craft is more rewarding. The effort required to master something forces one to go deeper. It gets you to be more creative and think outside of the box to improve. Lastly, it’s fun to share what you know.

Have balance. As much as I love what I do, I think it is important to balance it with spirituality,

health and family. Strong foundation of these helps me to manage the highs and lows of life as

well as handle the unforeseen.


How do you continue to stay inspired?

It’s easy to stay inspired when you intentionally surround yourself with motivated individuals.

Exchanging ideas and having thought-provoking conversations are a must. Also everywhere in

media, traditional or new, you see what technology is doing. It’s constantly evolving. There’s a

metamorphosis happening every second. I find this very fascinating!


What projects are you currently working on that our readers should know about?

I have several projects I’m excited to be working on. One in particular is an endeavor to enter

the health care market. The giant industry has been working aggressively to streamline their

data and systems management which, in turn, helps them improve patient care and services. My

team and I feel that we have a solution to take them a leap forward.