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Ice T blasts his wife Coco for racy photos with another man

Rapper and actor Ice T gave his own wife Coco severe lashings on social media for very questionable and suggestive photos that she took with another man without his knowledge or approval.

Ice T, aka Tracy Marrow, 54, went volcanic on Twitter and put his wife on full blast when racy and sexually suggestive photos of Coco in an embrace with a male fan spilled into cyberspace the other day, embarrassing the legendary “Cop Killer” rapper and star of the classic New Jack City film. He aired out his feelings on the social media giant; he has now since deleted those tweets.

Coco Marrow, 33, the ultra-exhibitionist born Nicole Natalie Austin, was initially defensive on Twitter and tried to deflect blame about the photos of her in various poses of embrace with the strange man. But then she offered her mea culpa and appeared genuinely contrite for what she called an error in judgement.

Take a look below at the photos and see what Ice T had to say about them. Coco also responds on her own Twitter account to what Ice T had to say. 

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