Gucci Mane receiving death threats in Georgia

Gucci Mane receiving death threats in Georgia

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane is planning to perform in Macon, GA on Dec. 21, but there may be trouble waiting on him once he travels down I-75. An as-of-yet unspecified party has issued a threat to the rapper and ordered him to stay out of the city.

And the bad blood goes back to 2005, when Gucci, born Radric Davis, was attacked by men at a house in Decatur, GA. Gucci and his associates opened fire on the men, and one of them, a man named Henry L. Clarke III, also known as rapper Pookie Loc of Corporate Thugz Entertainment, was killed. CTE is rapper Young Jeezy’s imprint label. The body of Pookie Loc was found in a nearby elementary school. Gucci subsequently turned himself in and claimed he only shot Clarke in self-defense. The charges were later dropped due to insufficient evidence.

Gucci and Jeezy’s feud began over a dispute regarding the rights to the 2005 single “Icy,” but have intensified in the wake of Pookie Loc’s killing. Gucci affiliates have asserted that the Decatur attack was in response to the earlier financial dispute.

But Pookie Loc was a native of Macon, GA., and unnamed individuals, believed to be gang affiliates, have made it clear that Gucci is not welcome in their town.

This will be Gucci’s first performance in Macon since the 2005 killing. And Gucci seemed to mock the murder in his song “Truth,” specifically the line, “Go dig ya partna up, n—a —bet he can’t say s—.”

And in the wake of the upcoming concert, a YouTube video has surfaced of a masked individual issuing threats to the Brick Squad rapper.

“The incident with you and Pookie Loc…you did what any other man–or any other n—a that’s calling himself a gangsta—would do, that’s understood,” the individual says in the video. “But, this the thing, though—you boosted yourself off of that and got yourself all of this street cred, this gangsta credibility, when you really ain’t that.”

“You pulled out a strap and started busting out of being scared,” he continues. “They ran off, he died. But why you keep bringing that sh-t up?”

“N—a, how you think we feel about that?” the individual says, referencing the aforementioned lyrics. “N—a, it’s like you taunting us. You reminding us.”

“You coulda let bygones be bygones, but then you got the audacity to come to our city after…you said that sh-t in your song. I even think you coming to Macon just to say you came to Macon and nobody didn’t do sh-t to you.”

After acknowledging the fact that Gucci Mane has security, the anonymous individual issues his warning.

“I tell you what—you should stay home. Stay home. Don’t come disrespect our city like that. Because that’s what you trying to do. Why gamble like that? Why play like that? You playing with our city. You playing with the set. Blatantly trying to disrespect us. Bringing that sh-t back up. I guess you think this some sh-t to play with. This ain’t no rap sh-t. This is real sh-t.”

“Stay home, man. Stay home.”

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