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Miley Cyrus demands black emoji characters

Miley Cyrus may be a country girl at heart, but she’s definitely been getting a little more, well, urban and “hood” as of late. Just days after photos leaked of Cyrus dancing with big booty strippers for her birthday, Cyrus has now made heads turn again as she’s leading the call for black emoji characters.

For those that don’t know, emojis are the cute little characters that iPhone users place in text messages. And on Dec. 18, Cyrus tapped into her inner civil rights activist when Sephora asked its followers to retweet them if they wanted more colors for their nail color emoji. That’s when Cyrus demanded that black emoji characters be made available.

Well, besides the fact that it’s pretty random and shocking, it’s also pretty admirable of Cyrus to ask for emoji equality. And she’s not the only star that’s made an unconventional call for equality. See some other surprise activists below. – nicholas robinson


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