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Movies » ‘This Is 40’ movie review

‘This Is 40’ movie review

This Is 40
Stars: Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Jason Segel

This hilarious sequel checks in on Pete and Debbie a few years after Knocked Up. Sure, these crazy kids still love each other, but their markedly different and decidedly unromantic home life is causing a few fantasies for both. From the philosophical: How-would-my-life-be-different-if-I-was married-to-someone-else? To the pragmatic: What’s the best (and most humane, or fun, take your pick) way to get rid of you now so I can find my second, much improved spouse. Pete and Debbie even go so far as to share with each other just exactly how they would dispatch the other to the afterlife.

Harried 40-year-olds will certainly identify with this likable pair, and most people will recognize that old bugaboo; the inability to find contentment with one’s lot in life, leading to the belief that something, anything is preferable to what you have. –p.d. lee