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Chris Brown could ‘leave the planet?’ 10 reasons he should just leave social media


Chris Brown is mad again.

No one really knows why he’s irritated this time, but Brown went on a rant on Instagram this weekend.

“Real artist are an endangered species! This gimmick age is f—– corny as f—!” Breezy wrote. He also made it sound like he’s done after his next album drops.

“After this album I wanna leave this planet,” said Chris. “Be you but f—- get credit for the work u do. Not becuz someone cosigns who knows absolutely nothing about music and culture!”

Chris Brown probably just needs to take a break from all of the tweeting and Instagramming and whatever other social media site he’s on.

Over the past year, almost all of his most ridiculous, head-scratching and controversial moments have happened on Twitter and Instagram. Here are 10 reasons he should take a sabbatical…

– stereo williams


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