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Entertainment » Chad Johnson’s alleged sex tape partner revealed

Chad Johnson’s alleged sex tape partner revealed


Model Wankaego is the alleged star of Chad Johnson sex tape

The woman believed to be the star of an x-rated video involving Chad Johnson has been revealed. As previously reported Chad Johnson recently admitted that he’s the star of a sex tape along with two female friends. Since then stills of the video which are graphic in nature, show Johnson and the backside of a heavily tattooed woman.

Apparently upset by its release Johnson has sought out the FBI to help track down the person who leaked the tape and seek legal action. Until then however, his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada and others are continuing to rag him for his antics. Most recently Lozada, who had prior knowledge of the tape, called out her ex for giving a “boring” performance and laughed about it with her fans. “Stripper W/ athlete = Boring sex tape,” she said.

And while Lozada is giggling over the  XXX cinema, the alleged co-star in the tape has been exposed. If you believe the staff at celeb website, the star of Ochocinco’s tape is video model Wankaego. The buxom beauty is said to be an aspiring actress, rapper and dancer. “Tattoos are a dead give away when it comes to identifying a person,” reported the site about the starlet. “The Chad Johnson sex tape has been creating quite the buzz. Everyone has been wondering who the girl in the 3-4 year old sex tape is, considering the alleged female is NOT Evelyn Lozada. FCP likes to ensure that it’s readers and followers are updated with everything fast and it took no time for us to identify the tatted curvaceous female.”

The site then goes on to point out a series of tattoos that match the ones sported by the woman in the tape.

The model is apparently taking the incident in stride however and has been actively promoting her newfound fame on her Twitter account. She’s since posted the messages seen below and links to her music videos.




Check out more of the latest lady in the Chad and Evelyn drama below. -danielle canada

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  1. kzo on December 27, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    2 whores! Who cares!!

  2. Paul S. on December 27, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    I dont care how cute you are if youre a whore that diminishes all of it….thats whats wrong with this anything goes world..women,they think the differences in a man and a woman wont affect them but it will. Cant go against the laws of nature. These women need to know just because a man throws himself out there and sleeps with a tons of women dont mean they can do the same thing without sacrificing their bodys,self respect and feelings etc. Accept it..thats just the way we were made and one of the advantages that men have. Women are more suceptible to disease,pregnancy,wear and tear on their bodies and just plain getting their feelings caught up in these type of situations. Bottom line…a man can sleep with 10,000 women on some Wilt Chamberlain type sh-t but if he wants he can disguise it and tell the next woman he’s a virgin and she wouldnt know the difference. Let a woman sleep with 70 may be like you fell into a man hole for the next man. Bottom line women respect yourselves and dont throw away your self respect trying to do as men do…accept the differences in each other. And Evelyn did right by getting rid of Chad. A man with several kids by several baby mama’s and enough child support to pay in 10 lifetimes and he still cant mature and keep his pants on…GTFOH!!!