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Jennifer Lopez’s lawsuit is bogus

Benny Medina, Jennifer Lopez and Hakob Manoukian

Jennifer Lopez’s new year is off to a bad start.

Let’s rewind: Lopez’s former driver, Hakob Manoukian,earned $200,000 a year as Lopez’s driver and security detail. Manoukian shut down his own company when he was promoted to Lopez’s head of transportation.

Manoukian, an Iraqi immigrant, said that while filming What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Benny Medina, Lopez’s manager who “hated his guts from the start,” publicly complained that “he could not speak English well enough.” After that, Manoukian was demoted, his duties were reduced and his pay was slashed. Manoukian resigned, arguing those actions led to his wrongful termination. Manoukian filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the singer.

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