5 reasons she won’t sleep with her husband

What the hell is her problem?  This man is her husband yet she comes up with excuse after excuse as to why “tonight isn’t a good time.” Once upon a time, sex was not an issue and she may have even uttered the words “my husband will never have to worry about sex.”  Fast forward to the present and that man could beg, whine and cry, yet he will be lucky if she even touches “it.” Maybe it’s not always that extreme, but plenty of husbands have seen their sex lives decline and have no clue why. So here is a little insight into some of the reasons she won’t sleep with her husband.

Because 2 minutes just isn’t enough – Ok maybe it’s more like 2 minutes and 59 seconds but the point remains the same. Many women require a certain amount of time and attention to get the most out of her sexual activity. Studies have shown that it takes the average woman 15 minutes and up to reach climax. If he is more concerned with getting his that will just lead to not getting a damn thing at all.

He is getting on her damn nerves –   Maybe he keeps saying the wrong thing or he just isn’t doing much right. Either way she is annoyed and that won’t make a woman sexually receptive to her husband. Sex is more than physical for a woman and this negative energy will most definitely put her in the wrong place mentally and emotionally. You can’t let issues linger and expect that she will always be ready to give it up when you want it.

Life is stressing her out –   A lot of times when a wife is feeling the burdens of life she just isn’t going to be concerned with sex. A woman once told me she has 45 things on her to do list and sex is number 46. She needs help and if her husband doesn’t recognize and properly address this issue he will then be left sexually frustrated and unhappy is his marriage.

He thinks 4 play is just another song by R.Kelly – most men don’t need any warming up. Just flip the switch and its game on. That typically won’t work for her and overlooking this fact can contribute to less sex in that marriage. She requires more seduction, a build up, and simply being turned on first. You can’t just grab her breast or tap her on the shoulder while in bed and expect that she will now be ready to go at it.  

He isn’t connecting with her outside the bedroom – as stated earlier sex is much more than physical with a woman. If a man learns to connect with his wife in non-sexual related ways then he will see a positive impact when they do sexually engage. She wants to be more than just your toy you use to satisfy yourself. She is your wife and the more she feels valued an in tune with you the more she will want to fulfill and satisfy you.

There are more we can get in to but these are a few things that all husbands should pay attention to. Don’t start to believe that your wife just doesn’t like sex anymore. She is just struggling with wanting to have sex with you. The good thing is that this can be fixed if you are willing to gain the knowledge you need and implement it. Just remember that great sex will not create a great relationship, but a great relationship can produce great sex.

by: Stephan Labossiere



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