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Shawty Lo, Amar’e Stoudemire: Fathers vs. baby daddies

Shawty Lo  called Chicago’s WGCI’s radio station and told Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot that his upbringing led to him to father multiple children with multiple women. Shawty Lo, the star of the Oxygen network show, “Shawty Lo and My Babies’ Mommas” introspection deserves to be  considered.

Here, other men have shared interesting perspectives on the black fatherhood crisis and societal factors that are making matters worse.

Reportedly, Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones and actor Clint Eastwood have multiple children by multiple women.

“While the serial womanizing of some black athletes and entertainers makes for sensational headlines, relatively few people know about the seed scattering of some of our most well-known cultural icons, such as Clint Eastwood (seven children by five women) or Mick Jagger (seven children by four women),” notes Delano Squires on Black and Married With Kids.

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  1. lagrant on January 8, 2013 at 3:42 pm

    Lagrant Anthony Very good
    article John. Well said. It is a fact that black american slaves set free in
    1865 had been taught for hundreds of years not to value the concept of
    “family” as white Europeans and other black men living in Africa
    understood the word. A prerequisite to establishment of a family was marriage,
    to someone believed to share common values and beliefs. In the traditional
    family only after a couple was married did children come into the picture.
    These off spring were raised in a family unit under the leadership of the man
    as head of house hold. Children were taught the acceptable role of male and
    female from their parents inside of the family unit. Marriage was a paramount
    value before the creation of children. Marriage was the instrument used to
    create a “family”. Marriage was necessary for the transference of
    culture, values and property from one generation to another. When black
    american slaves were so called freed in 1865 they did not carry with them the
    traditions of family life practiced by their slave owners. Slaves were taught
    for hundreds of years, particularly women, that marriage was not something
    expected before giving birth to a child. Child birth was merely a business
    function for the production of a business product. Birth of a slave baby was
    but only production of another valuable farm animal. Slaves and their children
    were merely “goods” to be bought and sold like any other farm
    product. Slave children were a valuable commodity to the slave owner,
    particularly when the import of slaves from Africa was made illegal and new
    slaves could only be purchased from SLAVE BREEDING FARMS located inside of the
    United States. The prerequisite of marriage and the establishment of a family
    unit before giving birth to children was not a tradition valued by slaves. Nor
    could it have been. Slaves were property like any other farm animal. Having
    slave children was a very profitable business to the owners of slaves. The
    bigger the herd the more profits that could be earned. It is in this context, in
    which BLACK AMERICANS established their concept of “family”. It was
    this anti family slave environment in which having babies outside of a
    traditional marriage took place for hundreds of years; not for the purpose of
    transferring culture, family values, and property from generation to
    generation, but for the purpose of making a monetary profit by slave owners.
    For hundreds of years black slaves learned that the only value they could give
    to child birth had nothing to do with being a PARENT. There was no family for a
    parent to function. The role of parenthood to offspring was nothing to be
    considered. The offspring were merely goods to be sold to the highest bidder.
    This mindset did not just magically disappear when the slaves were so called
    freed in 1865. In fact, it still continues to operate today here in America as
    evidenced by the above movie. However today the commodity of black offspring is
    owned by black women who have children for profit. The prerequisite of marriage
    to establish a family unit before giving birth to children is still not valued
    by the descendants of black american slaves. Child birth continues to be a for
    profit business. Today black women have inadvertanly perpetuated the
    continuation and survival of the traditional slave breeding farm. In doing so
    black women have been deceived, manipulated and encouraged not to establish a

    functional traditional
    FAMILY before child birth. The continued value of having babies outside of
    marriage and before establishment of a family unite is enabled by the
    descendants of former slave owners through institutionalized child support
    provided to women for giving birth to babies. This financial incentive
    motivates even those who have established a traditional family unit to dissolve
    their family unit for the monetary profits that can be gained. For the female
    descendants of slaves, having children today is just as profitable as it was
    for slave owners on the slave breeding farm. Only today, the black female is
    paid to give birth to children OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGE ONLY (or to dissolve a
    marriage) and forgo establishment of a FAMILY UNIT UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF MEN,
    Slave owners understood something slaves and their descendants have yet to
    realize. You will always be a slave and dependent upon the institutions of
    white slave masters as long as you keep the black man outside of the family and
    oppressed, by any means necessary. The above reality show is merely a modern
    day promotion by the descendants of slave owners to encourage the demise of the
    black family and oppression and destruction of black men.

    • UncleChuck2 on January 8, 2013 at 6:29 pm

      I couldn’t have said it any better! Until we as a race come to terms with WHY we are the way we are this problem will always be with us because now, young, single female parents have become the norm for us.

      The article highlights other men who have fathered multiple children with multiple women but didn’t mention that the men the article features don’t showcase this on a “reality” show for all to see. Will the show tackle why having multiple women and children outside of a stable home environment is not a good idea? Will the show explore what happens to the people involved? Will the show do the research, as you did, to educate our people as to WHY they ‘re in this situation? Will any possible solutions be explored? And, most importantly, do they even CARE? After all; they ARE getting PAID and have celebrity status! Expect the worst; hope for the best.