Keyshia Cole blasts her sister, Neffe, for tell-all book

Keyshia Cole blasts her sister, Neffe, for tell-all book

Keyshia Cole upset over her sister’s book

The family feud between a R&B songstress and her reality tv star sister is once again heating up. Keyshia Cole, 31, is apparently spitting mad at her sister Neffie Pugh, who recently released a tome detailing her life in the spotlight. Pugh of course appeared on Keyshia Cole’s reality tv show before securing a spinoff, “Frankie & Neffe,” with her mother. According to Cole however, the book is just an outlet for her ungrateful sister to publicly bash her. “How many of y’all have leaches [sic] in your own family?” wrote the irate singer on Twitter. “I need to know I’m not alone! B— talk about me in ya book and wearing the shoes I gave u on the cover? F—– Bogus!”

 Keyshia Cole blasts her sister, Neffe, for tell-all book

RollingOut previously interviewed Neffie about her book  The Price I Paid and she assured us that it was about much more than her often tumultuous relationship with her singing sister. “‘It’s basically about the things that myself and my family went through after reality TV. I took two years off from reality TV. I didn’t do a second season of the ‘Frankie & Neffe’ show, not because it wasn’t offered, BET offered me another season of the ‘Frankie & Neffe’ show and I declined,” said Neffie. ” This is not a tell-all, this is Neffe telling you that it’s hard work, it does not come easy. If you don’t make the right decisions, things can go absolutely wrong.” Prior to detailing the book however, she did admit that she felt slighted by Cole after she was not invited to her Las Vegas wedding. “I was invited to the wedding but I was not invited properly, meaning she [Keyshia Cole] did not get married in Hawaii, she got married in Vegas,” said Neffie. “I would have preferred to have been at the real wedding versus being at a ceremonial service.”

Now Keyshia Cole says she’s had enough. So much so that she’s now threatening physical violence. “If it wasn’t for my name, people making money off that alone. They would have the courage to say they just don’t like me! I see I gotta take it back to the days when I used to slap a b—- tho!”

Neffie has of course caught wind of her sister’s Twitter rant and is apparently trying to stay positive about the situation. “You can’t steal my joy!,” remarked Neffie in a picture with her daughter.

Check out more of the drama between Keyshia Cole and Neffie Pugh below. -danielle canada

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