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Cee Lo Green: The black millionaire blueprint for success


Cee Lo Green is one of the most colorful and provocative personalities and multitalented artists in the entertainment industry and has been for the better part of two decades. Cee Lo, 38, first rose to fame through the Dungeon Family back in Atlanta, that included the likes of Andre  3000 and Big Boi, when he and Goodie Mob put out a pair of critically-acclaimed, multiplatinum albums in the 1990s.

The rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, actor and television personality has risen to even greater heights as an individual artist who is fearless when pushing the boundaries of artistic expression through his always memorable outfits and especially a series of quirky and infectious hits like “Crazy” and “F— You.”

He is one of the most popular and divisive judges on the ultra-popular reality show, “The Voice.” But there’s one thing that cannot be disputed whatsoever. The married father of three can sing and produce hit records.

Let’s take a look at the life of Cee Lo Green. 

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