Ivy Couch of TLC’s ‘The Sisterhood’ responds to Kandi Burruss’ Xscape comment

Ivy Couch of TLC's 'The Sisterhood' responds to Kandi Burruss' Xscape comment

 Ivy and Mark Couch speak on Xscape 

After being called out by a Real Housewife of Atlanta over claims that she was a part of a 90 singing group, a reality star and her pastor husband are dishing on the controversy. Ivy Couch and Pastor Mark Couch of TLC’s ‘The Sisterhood’ took to V-103 this week to discuss a recent comment Kandi Burruss made about Ivy. As previously reported the first lady of Emmanuel Tabernacle shocked a number of people when she claimed that she was once a part of the singing group Xscape. Many noted that they had never seen her in the singing quartet, leading Burruss, an original Xscape member, to respond. “She was never on any Xscape albums,” said Kandi. “Xscape was gonna unite without me and she was my replacement.” 

According to Couch however, the amount of time she spent being apart of the group is irrelevant and she stands by her statement. “I think someone had called in and made it clear that if you’re in a group for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 6 months, a year, you’re in the group,” said Couch to Egypt Sherrod. “But I want to say this from my heart that I have the ultimate respect for Tiny [Harris], Tameka, Tasha, Kandi. What they did- they’re veterans- they did something that I will never be a part of what they did and what they put together.

Ivy Couch of TLC's 'The Sisterhood' responds to Kandi Burruss' Xscape comment

“I came on into the group when Kandi left and they were looking for a fourth member. I lived with Tiny for a year, absolutely love her. She took care of me and we toured and we were in the studio and we did some stuff with Jermaine [Dupri] and you know they were looking for another deal and I just was kind of along for the ride.

And when asked if she was inferring that she was on any Xscape albums, Couch quickly answered with a firm ‘No.’ “No and I would never try and take you know what they did and put myself there. I just was part of something. It was an honor to be there and I learned a lot.”

Couch and her ‘The Sisterhood’ costar Mark are currently promoting their TLC program that airs Tuesdays nights at 9 p.m.

-danielle canada

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