Flu outbreak 2013: 15 surprising places the virus hides

Flu outbreak 2013: 15 surprising places the virus hides

It may come as a shock to millions of people the unexpected places where the flu virus and other harmful bacteria can hide and thrive and ultimately infect people.

Know this for sure: There have been studies conducted by the University of Arizona and the University of Michigan that prove there are things that most Americans use every day that, without even knowing it, hosts more germs and bacteria than even a toilet seat. This is unnerving and jarring information knowing that commodes are frequently the recipient of some pretty nasty stuff.

Medical practitioners implore frequent hand washing, applying sanitizing lotions and disinfecting communal areas to reduce the chances of infection by 50 percent, according to Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, who has been studying germs in our everyday lives for more than three decades.

Take a look at places where germs, bacteria and flu viruses often hide — and do so in great numbers.

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