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Shawty Lo’s ‘Babies’ Mamas’ canceled with help of Sabrina Lamb

Sabrina Lamb tells rolling out the back story of the petition that killed a reality show.

Sabrina Lamb, unlike most people who saw the leaked trailer of the unfinished Oxygen project, Shawty Lo’s “All My Babies’ Mamas,” says that she saw the actual pilot of the show.

“I saw the actual show that they were going to broadcast and I was horrified by it,” Lamb tells rolling out. “Women fighting; accepting slur nicknames all while their children are watching all of this. And he [Shawty Lo] tries to remember their names and giggles as if it’s funny. These women are fighting each other and elbowing each other for his affection, and for his money. [One asks] ‘Why is it that your child gets to go to private school and mine doesn’t?’”

In late December, Lamb, founder and CEO  of the children’s financial literacy organization, joined forces with to petition the network not to release the show.

On Tuesday, Jan. 15, the show was canned.

Here, Lamb tells rolling out the back story.

rolling out: What was so different about this reality show?

The fact that this network first thought it was perfectly fine to use a slur against motherhood and innocent children with a  title called All My Baby’s Mamas…a slur against motherhood.

For an innocent child to sit there and witness the fact that their mother is being called a Baby’s Mama  instead of simply ‘mother’ the honored position, is reprehensible. The way that men often say it, it’s as if you’re just a vessel to have his child—you’re a bother.

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