Chicago: Urban legend murders really happened

Chicago: Urban legend murders really happened
VICTIMS: Glover and Rankins who were also best friends.

In Chicago, the warnings of the latest crime tactics (passed between friends and family via email or social media networks) for the most part, are considered urban legend.

The warning always originates with an unnamed member of the Chicago Police Department who was advised not to tell others to avoid widespread panic; and the warning often can never be found outside of the friends and family network.

So, when the latest chain of emails surfaced that warned mothers that white teen girls were luring black men to their deaths, it was widely ignored. Some even considered the warning a ploy by concerned black mothers to deter their sons from interracial dating, as many pockets of Chicago are still segregated and the swirl is frowned upon and dangerous.

And then it happened — two white teen girls lured black men to be robbed and murdered in the Chicago suburb of Joliet, according to police.

Reports NBC5Chicago:

“Police said the teens lured best friends Eric Glover and Terrance Rankins, both 22, to a house where they were robbed and strangled. Officers found Glover and Rankins’ partially dismembered bodies when they were called to the home Thursday afternoon, police said.”

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