Walter Jackson wants to blast Kenya Moore on ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Walter Jackson wants to blast Kenya Moore on 'Watch What Happens Live'

Ever since Walter Jackson famously alleged that “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kenya Moore asked him to act as her boyfriend for season five of the show, Moore has been publicly denying his claims and defending herself at every chance, while Jackson has remained mum on the subject. But now, Jackson is, apparently, ready to elaborate on the situation again with Bravo’s head honcho, Andy Cohen.

On Jan. 13, Jackson took to Twitter to send a message to Cohen, asking the talk show host to allow him on their popular “Watch What Happens Live” program to prove that Moore cast him as her onscreen boyfriend.

“Hi @BravoAndy, I am willing to come on your show and prove that we hadn’t seen or talked to each other until the show started taping,” Jackson tweeted to Cohen.

Moore previously claimed that she and Jackson had been on-again, off-again romantically for two years, but Jackson, who previously stated that he only dated Moore for a few months years ago, makes it seem as though they were out of  contact even more than Moore claims.

It’s unclear whether Cohen previously contacted Jackson about appearing on the show or whether he’ll allow Jackson on the program, but we’re sure it would be one explosive episode if he does.

Well, Jackson and Moore aren’t the only “couple” whose relationship – or romantic-themed business deal – ended on bad terms. Check out some other bad romances below. – nicholas robinson

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