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Where are they now? The lost members of Xscape


Ivy Couch

The most prominent of the so-called “lost members” of Xscape, Ivy Couch currently stars on TLC’s ‘Sister Wives.’ Couch is married to Pastor Mark Couch of Emmanuel Tabernacle church.Couch previously made headlines when she mentioned on the program that she was a part of the singing group. Kandi Burruss spoke out and confirmed that while Couch was supposed to be her replacement, she never made it on to any Xscape albums. “I think someone had called in and made it clear that if you’re in a group for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 6 months, a year, you’re in the group,” said Couch speaking on the controversy. “But I want to say this from my heart that I have the ultimate respect for Tiny [Harris], Tameka, Tasha, Kandi. What they did- they’re veterans- they did something that I will never be a part of what they did and what they put together.” She then added that she lived with Tiny for a year while they recorded new music and was just “along for the ride.”

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