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Yandy Smith and Mandeecees fired from ‘Love & Hip Hop’

Mandeecees Harris and Yandy Smith

Mandeecees‘ legal woes concerning child molestation allegations have cost him a spot on VH1’s  “Love and Hip Hop” show, according to industry sources, and that was pretty much expected. What is not expected is that Yandy Smith, who has a son with Harris, will be erased from the show as well, reports hip-hop blogger Jacky Jasper.

“We’re told producers of the VH1 reality show were previously busy editing out the ousted pair from their most recently broadcast episode,” Jasper reports.  “Don’t believe me … ask Mona Scott-Young.”

Mona Scott-Young executive producer of “Love & Hip Hop”

Scott-Young is the executive producer of the franchise and has a reputation of running a tight ship behind the scenes.

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