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Singer Elle Varner talks hair on ‘rolling out’ TV

DeWayne Rogers

DeWayne Rogers

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  1. Ginger on January 28, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    Normally I’m an advocate for women who are manhandled by law
    enforcement, but his raggedy b—h got EXACTLY what she deserved!!!
    First of all, regardless of whatever transpired before the camera
    started rolling, why is she acting a damn fool in front of her kids like
    that??? Cursing and carrying on, making threats… you would think both
    of them were man with the way they were squaring up at the security
    guard. What’s worse, her little boys jump in and start yelling at a
    GROWN MAN, calling him “gay”??? WTF!?!? Unfortunately, you can already
    tell by the way she’s raising her kids and the way she acts in front of
    them that these little black boys won’t have a chance in hell at being
    productive citizens when they get older.

    I think this security guard did the right thing! He was more than
    tolerant, he walked away multiple times but you could tell she wanted a
    fight. They had plenty of opportunity to leave and he warned her to stay
    her ass back. What’s funny tho, the chic in the blue shirt didn’t even
    attempt to help her when her ass got tazed (lol). I hope she enjoyed
    those 50,000 bolts of electricity and maybe that will teach her how to
    act like a lady & a mother in public, a opposed to a WILD JUNGLE
    DOG! I bet she’ll think twice from now on about running up on a man…

    It’s hard to even believe that there are people out here that act like
    this. The ghetto needs to be sterilized, so that these hoodrats aren’t
    continuing to make hoodrat babies! Yes, I said it.