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Did Chris Brown throw the 1st punch? Singer ready to comment on Frank Ocean fight

The Internet is ablaze with talk of Chris Brown and Frank Ocean’s now infamous fight in the parking lot of an L.A. recording studio on Sunday night. And while details of the fight were initially sketchy, new details on the brawl have emerged and Brown, who was mum after the melee, is now sharing his side of the story.

According to TMZ, an eyewitness claims that there’s a de facto parking hierarchy at the famous Westlake Recording Studios in which bigger stars take the best parking spots. Brown allegedly felt disrespected that Ocean took the spot that he wanted.

The eyewitness claims that Brown threw the first punch after Ocean refused to shake his hand. Ocean allegedly laughed at Brown’s gesture, sending the singer into a rage as he punched Ocean squarely in the face.

The punch supposedly started a full-on brawl between Brown and Oceans posses, and the melee quickly moved into the lobby of the studio.

“They managed to break almost everything in the room and scare all of the staff members working,” said the witness.

The witness says the receptionist called 911 and Brown immediately left to avoid a run-in with the cops. Ocean, however, stuck around and spoke with police, who deemed him the victim and Brown the aggressor.

Shortly after the brawl, Ocean claimed that Brown attacked him first, and, according to the New York Post, Ocean plans to press charges against Brown for the attack.

However, Brown is now claiming that he did not initiate the fight, and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, recently contacted L.A. police to tell them that Brown is ready to give a statement on the brawl.

Sources say that Geragos’ team has footage of the last part of the brawl, which was captured by the lobby cameras. The footage allegedly proves that neither Brown nor Ocean threw a punch at the end of the fight. However, it doesn’t show any part of the beginning of the fight.

The source also claims that Brown left the scene of the fight because Geragos has given him strict orders to leave immediately if trouble occurs where he is.

If Brown is charged, it may count as violation of his 5 year probation from his 2009 assault conviction against his (possible) girlfriend, Rihanna.

Well, this isn’t the first time Brown’s battled another star. Check out some of his biggest beefs below. –nicholas robinson


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