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Celebrities hosting Super Bowl 2013 parties in New Orleans

It’s that time, party people. The perfect storm has now arrived in New Orleans — the quintessential American gladiator sporting event (Super Bowl 2013), elite athletes, A-list celebrities, groupies, parties galore, mouth-watering food, gambling, packed-out gentlemen’s clubs and throngs of rabid sports fans all packed onto Canal Street and the world-famous French Quarter. 

Wednesday is usually the official kickoff to Super Bowl week and a tidal wave of humanity is spilling into the Crescent City with the sole purpose of getting their party on. Speaking of which, if you have an extra-large wallet, there are going to be a gang of celebrity parties popping off all over this famous, but relatively small, metropolis. But you are definitely going to have to peel off some serious green paper to even get in, much less have “access” to the VIP section. 

But hey, this supreme sporting event happens only happens once a year — and takes place in New Orleans about once or twice a decade — so the incentives to part ways with your hard-earned cash is going to be almost irresistible.

With the help of sites like and belfasttelegram, we have compiled a list of of celebrities hosting Super Bowl 2013 parties in New Orleans. Have fun.

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