Chicago’s 50 Top Bachelors: Maze Jackson, Nicoh David and more

Chicago's 50 Top Bachelors: Maze Jackson, Nicoh David and more

It was officially below zero last night in Chicago, but that didn’t deter the hot people from flocking to Chicago’s posh night spot, Red Kiva, located just steps away from Harpo Studios. Rolling out saluted Chicago’s 50 Most Wanted: Men of Style & Substance.

The night began with the tall, brown, and handsome Ben Official–who performed songs from his new CD, and had the crowd hypnotized. The leggy Ms. Black Chicago Ameshia Cross set the night in motion by announcing that each bachelor had 60 seconds to introduce themselves to the audience.

From that point, the bachelors poured it on thick! The handsome, debonair Ashton Clark played “Ribbon in the Sky,” on the piano, as Nicoh David, another handsome bachelor, belted the famous Stevie Wonder wedding song from across the room. The two received roaring applause.

Chicago's 50 Top Bachelors: Maze Jackson, Nicoh David and more

Some bachelors received applause just by crossing the stage, “I’m Joe Russo, owner of the live music venue, The Shrine,” caused a frenzy of applause. “I’m Maze Jackson,” the handsome lobbyist said, to catcalls from female attendees. “Wow! Thank you,” he blushed.

Comedian Clark Jones played a tune on the piano, and then told the crowd, “This is from my new CD, that will be coming out…” then he deadpanned, “Oh, I’m just lying. I don’t have nothing coming out.” The crowd ate it up.

Spoken Word artist Pharaoh delivered a sexy poetic tribute to his future soul mate, and Carl West captured the purpose of the evening when he said that he was tired of living single.

“I don’t want to be recognized for being a bachelor, although I accept the honor,”  West said. “I don’t want to be a bachelor. I want to be a husband. I’m ready.”

–Photos Dr. Dawj

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