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The biggest loser

phenomenal | fe nämenel |
1. very remarkable; extraordinary

In 2013 we have a lot to lose — unhealthy relationships, toxicity, stress, and chaos and confusion. While many of us want to lose physical weight, in the New Year what really hinders us from celebrating the peace and love we really want in our lives is emotional weight and clutter. We consume way too much information that does not benefit our happiness and success. In 2013 will you be the biggest loser and let go of the people, places and things that do not serve your ultimate good?

Here are three ways to lose and lose big in 2013!

1. Unplug
Modern society has us dependent on technology for solving all our problems. While this is an excellent advantage for our lives, we want to be aware when it becomes a distraction from self. Unplugging from the cellphone and the Internet allows us to really be available to our needs and we can begin to “Google” ourselves for ways to nurture and stay in tune with ourselves.
Can you find time in your week to unplug and Google you?

2. Listen
Are you aware of your own body? Are you aware what you think or are your opinions a hodgepodge of what your friends and family think? What is your relationship like with your intuition? Do you listen to that voice within that speaks? Oftentimes we know when it is time to leave a situation that does not serve us long before we do. How can you begin or continue a relationship with your intuition?

3. Chillax.
Our bodies are made to relax as well as work. Find time to sleep as much as you want without any guilt or judgment. A lack of adequate rest wears your body down, and opens you up to sickness, dis-ease and stress. Whether you feel tired and decide to take a nap or schedule time to just kick your feet up and have a glass of fresh lemon water — rest and love it. Where can you create time to consciously chillax?

Until next month, always remember you have the power to “Cr8 Ur Own Reality!” in the reality TV era. –lacey c. clark

#PhenomenallyU …Cr8 Ur Own Reality.

Lacey C. Clark! of Sisters’ Sanctuary is an award-winning, motivational speaker, author and life coach specializing in young women. She is the creator of the Phenomenally U Summit  and brand and author of  the upcoming booklet series, The Phenomenal Philes. @LaceyCClark  #phenomenallyu