Tyrese and Rev. Run tell your man’s secrets in ‘Manology’

Tyrese, 34, actor, singer, and author, and Rev. Run, 48, of the legendary group Run DMC, are years apart chronologically, and worlds apart on their perspectives on love.

Their opposing views set the groundwork for a collaborative book,Manology, Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed,’ and the duo visited Chicago recently to discuss the project.

The two men are unlikely friends as they seem to be opposites in every way. “I’m grimy,” Tyrese says bluntly during this recent interview that took place at the Dana Hotel in Chicago.

By grimy, Tyrese means his street approach to love and relationships. The, ‘it is what it is,’ version of love as practiced by many of his generation. Clearly, Tyrese  doesn’t look grimy, not by a long shot–he’s tall, well-built, and blessed with the eyes and cheeks of a warrior.

On the opposite end of Tyrese’s war is Rev. Run’s peace.

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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