Beyoncé quotes her ‘twin’ Kenya Moore

Beyoncé drops Kenya Moore quote 

After giving an electric performance at the Super Bowl, Beyoncé shocked a few journalists when she let a quote fly from a certain reality TV star. After performing alongside Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams Sunday, an excited Beyoncé was seen outside the Superdome speaking with reporters. And when “Inside Edition” asked her to comment on her Destiny’s Child cohorts, the songstress remarked; “They were fierce honey. Gone with the wind fabulous!”

“Gone with the wind fabulous” is the phrase made popular by Kenya Moore of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” fame. The beauty queen-turned-reality star previously made the statement during an argument with cast mate Porsha Stewart and has since turned it into a song. Additionally, Moore claims that she often gets mistaken for Beyoncé on a daily basis.

After catching word that her “twin” quoted her, Moore gleefully wrote about it on Twitter. “If u have any haters download my song #GoneWithTheWindFabulous on iTunes! I may not b @ Beyonce But she gets it!” she wrote.

Moore also kept things light by adding that she was “so tired” from her Super Bowl performance and previously gave her opinion on her look-alike’s halftime show.

See what else people thought of Beyoncé’s Kenya Moore quote below. –danielle canada 


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