Fans poke fun at Beyoncé’s ‘unflattering’ Super Bowl photos

Fans poke fun at Beyoncé's 'unflattering' Super Bowl photos

Beyoncé’s ‘unflattering’ Super Bowl photos made even worse 

Earlier this week received a phone call from Beyoncé’s publicist politely asking them to take down images from a post they penned praising her Super Bowl performance. “As discussed, there are some unflattering photos in your current feed that we are respectfully asking you to change. I’m sure you can find some better ones,” said the rep to the humor site.

Unfortunately for the rep, however, the images in question have landed into the hands of fans who scoffed at the idea of disregarding a less than stellar photo of the songstress. Instead they’ve taken things a step further and altered the photos to make them even more “unflattering” and 100 percent more hilarious.

Unlike this photo (seen above) from Beyoncé’s Instagram, her latest  Super Bowl photos show her alongside popular movie characters, performing a touchdown dance and even turning into a building smashing superhero.

 Check out those “unflattering” Super Bowl pictures made even worse by a few crafty fans at –danielle canada

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